I am a writer. I am also a wellness advocate and I’m here to champion for you. Just as someone championed for me–6 months postpartum, tired and worn, and fighting to take back my health.

Life is full of the good and the hard, and it all pours into our gut.

Did you know that your gut is considered your second brain? It’s true. Yet so many of us don’t know the power of its keeping. When it is well, we will thrive. When it suffers, so will we.

The culture, society and the evolution of day to day products has influenced our lives from the inside out– and not always in a positive way. You can read about my experience learning about gut health here and how it is connected to so much more than if our tummy “feels good”.

Candida, a fungus that does not let our gut work like it is meant to, is overgrowing in our systems more often than not. Take this questionnaire to see if you might be suffering from candida overgrowth. If you struggle with GI issues, digestive problems, mood swings, anxiety, stress, poor immune functioning, skin issues…the answer is likely yes.

Our microbiome, specifically unique to us, is often compromised and needs support. 

This comes from a balance of preparing and consuming whole foods, as well as cultivating a lifestyle of activity and wellness support.

Plexus can be a support for you as it has been for me. It is a health and wellness company providing you with all natural, plant-based vitamins and minerals, as well as good bacteria, to help your body restore and replenish back to its tender design.

I invite you to visit my shop at for product details and information!


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