Root Down

I thought I would start with the sex culture. But I think before I get there I need to back track. The first thing we were convicted of when we drove ourselves 3,000 miles away, three months into marriage, from everything near and dear to us—including all our fleshy parts—was how the excuses culture was … Continue reading Root Down

Upside Down

We write things that make people feel good or comfortable. Because we want to be their reason for joy or inspiration. Or to present ourselves well. Which makes me uncomfortable. Because a lot of life doesn’t feel good. Life isn’t, and shouldn’t be comfortable. If it were, we would have no need for a rescue. … Continue reading Upside Down


While it may seem like I've been neglectful of this blog space, I've been settling into a new normal here in the greater Baltimore area. That means figuring out what the day to day looks like for my little guy and I, forming routines, enjoying the company of people, connecting with my big guy when … Continue reading Poop