Meet Margot



Hi there pal, it is so nice to have you stop by.

This space is home to my life, unraveling in words, as I learn to live it treading in grace.

I write about mamahood, marriage, communal living and wellness of heart, mind and body.

I believe we’ve been gifted a life that is whole and full, even in the wary brokenness of this world. My hope is that through this lens of words you’ll know that you are seen and perhaps be stretched to see with clearer eyes yourself, those walking beside you.

I’m a wife to a good man, a mama to a tiny person hemmed in curiosity and a privileged friend to many. I’m redeemed by the love of Jesus. And I find magic in the daily–iced coffee, blankets, a long walk, thunderstorms, kind people and books that carry you away.

I would love to share in this life with you! Would you break bread with me?

Contact me here, I’d welcome a chat. 




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