Probably means a lot of things in a lot of places.

But here’s a real life, unimagined and very grainy photo op of what it means to the Morris family right now.







Does our RAWR make sense yet?

Or is it still in uncooperative, a whole lot of silly, constantly on the move, and blurry baby language?

Maybe this stretched out, upside down, bribed-by-a-puffin-view will help…




RAWR means we’re welcoming baby #2!!!!

Coming mid-January 2018

Our hearts are full of the greatest delight,

and so are big brother’s…as you can see!




I’ve been on a hiatus from this space for a month and a half. Allowing myself room to breathe, to pause and rest my brain, to spend time with my people.

And also to be pregnant. Which I can’t wait to share more, but compared to my pregnancy with Will-man…this little bean has been a breeze. I am 11 and a half weeks today, had a solid month of throwing up, my brain functions at half-speed, and my energy had been a little rung dry…but considering it’s the summer heat wave, I have a 16 month old and I’m growing a human…I think that makes sense.

We are so grateful for this gift of life!

It’s a whole new world we’ve entered…and I’m certain we’re yet to enter in to. My body feels completely different than the “first time around” and just regular life has kinda been a whirlwind as of late. A little messy, but always footed in grace and faith.

So I’m back. The four of us are back. And I’m looking forward to sharing all that has been happening in my hiatus-ed heart and mind.

Would you pray for our tiniest, that they grow mighty and strong in my womb and for His glory?

William’s new favorite thing is to “kiss the baby”…which really just means blowing raspberries on my belly.

We love you,

The Morris Four


One thought on “RAWR

  1. Well, Margot, Jeff and Will, Gran still is not sure just what RAWR stands for but I can sure figure everything else out and what you have sent is so dear. Your news, of course, is exciting and I so loved that you called so quickly to tell me. And you know you’re in my thoughts and prayers always. Margot, it is wonderful that you don’t feel quite so bad as last time even though these past few weeks have been challenging. Does Will understand when you’re not feeling well? I hope so, at least a little bit.

    He is so darling and I am looking forward to getting to know him before too much longer. I am having to leave all the plans and decisions to Luann and I’m sorry about that but that just seems to be the way it has to be. Has he had that haircut yet? I remember that Carroll’s mother took Bill to the barber shop one day when I wasn’t there and it wasn’t the most pleasant surprise to the two of us!

    I’ve missed your blogs but certainly understand your taking a bit of a hiatus —— your health is most important now.

    Jeff, your mom told me about your new car and also about your “losing” the bike tire —– a pretty sad state of affairs, it seems to me. Our world is not what it used to be, nor what it should be, I’m afraid.

    I am feeling very good and for that I am thankful, along with much else. I know I’m blessed and I send much love to you three,

    Always, Gran


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