Storytelling is beautiful. 

It weaves together generations, people groups, single experiences and struggle. It mends divide and puts rest where tired has been sown. It carves out space for understanding, curiosity and realization. It simplifies one thing so mixed up in the world today…that as different as we are, and as different as we identify, we all have at least one thread tying us together.

Our humanness.

And in our humanness, we can often find other threads tying us together.

It has been a gift since moving back east to partner with The Potter’s Follies and Mount Union Lutheran Church to create and tell a story close to our hearts. When you have people stretched out of their comfort zones, sharing their individual gifts and understandings, and drawing on the creative thinking of a diverse group of people…something special happens and people come alive!

If you live in the greater Baltimore area, I encourage you to spend one evening with us  (either April 9th OR April 10th) as we tell the story,


This dinner theatre presentation offers a glimpse into the life of Jesus, who in His final hours accomplished the greatest rescue of all time. 

Seating is limited so visit here for tickets! Please join us and invite a friend, you won’t want to miss it.

tpf view

Due to the nature and content of the story, the presentation may not be suitable for children 12 years of age and under. Parent discretion is encouraged.


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